Headshot Tips

MOOD & ATTITUDE: Take into consideration the quality of energy you want to convey in your headshots. For actors: How do you and your agents & manager wish to market you in the entertainment industry?  Do research to know your type and your acting range?  I can help you discover these aspects.

WARDROBE: Wear comfortable clothing that is well-tailored and makes you feel confident/at your best. Wear mid-tones in solid neutral colors that compliment and accentuate your eye color and skin tone. (Ex: Blue, Green, Purple, Gold, and Brown hues for brown or hazel eyes)  Avoid solid red, black, and white unless you want to use these as layering options such as a blazer or cardigan. Use complementary color wheel for mixing colors.

Refrain from wearing pastel colors if you have a light skin tone because it will only make your skin look pale and washed out. If you have dark skin, wear lighter colors for better contrast. Find clothes without brands/logos or distracting patterns/stripes. Wear comfy shoes and arrive in your outfit.

HEALTH: Stay well hydrated and get plenty of sleep the night(s) before our session. Stay fit and eat healthy foods. Moisturize your face and lips before bed and bring chapstick with you. Try not to wear sunglasses on your drive to the location or they’ll become sensitive to the light.

HAIRSTYLE: Find a hair style that brings out your personality,makes you feel confident, and keeps your face open. Bring a comb/brush with you.

JEWELRY: Simple is best. If the jewelry you wear (earrings, necklaces, ring, watches etc.) distracts from your face, it’s better to not wear it.

MAKE-UP & LIPSTICK: Natural is best. For the ladies: translucent powder with some mascara and matte lipstick is perfect.