About Kevin


“Acting is the ability to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances. Your acting will not be good until it is only yours. That’s true of music, acting, anything creative. You work until finally nobody is acting like you.”   Sanford Meisner


A showstopping headshot is the key to your next acting opportunity; a chance to share your craft with others. In the time it takes a casting director or their assistant to scan a single headshot in a pile of printed 8×10’s or an online gallery, (which is less than 2 seconds) , your picture must engage them and make you stand out from your competition.


As a photographer who wants nothing but success for his clients, I’m passionate about raising the standards of headshots and delivering professional pictures. I like to create an environment that’s comfortable, engaging, and above all fun. Your headshots should:

  1. Look exactly like you so there are no other surprises in the audition room besides your performance

  2. Reveal your unique personality and charisma by telling a story with your eyes

  3. Can compete in not just the Texas industry but in Los Angeles and New York as well


Kevin Nguyen specializes in natural and studio light headshot photos for Actors, Models, & Business Professionals in Austin, Texas. He is passionate about taking photos that expresses his clients’ unique personalities and charisma that will open the doors to their next opportunity. Because of his experience as a film director and working actor in the entertainment industry, Kevin cares that his clients are relaxed, free to express themselves, and in the moment.

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